Family Law – How to save money on legal costs.


Seeing a lawyer can be a daunting experience, especially if you have never had to deal with a family lawyer before and particularly when also dealing with the breakdown of a significant relationship.

Following these three tips will also help with managing your emotions during such a difficult time.

Remember, keep focused and moving forward – the legal process in finalising your family law matter is just one chapter of your life and we will support you through.




Tip 1# Table of Assets, Liabilities and Financial Resources.

Prepare a Table of all current assets, liabilities, all financial resources and superannuation.  Example, as follows:-


Table of Assets Liabilities and Financial Resources













Tip 2# Chronology of events

Prepare a short chronology of events which documents and reflects the history of the relationship which starts from the beginning of the relationship until now. Our example is as follows:-









Tip #3 Legal Costs

If you have already retained a lawyer then you should already be aware of their hourly rate and total estimated legal cost.  If not then make sure that you find out what the lawyer’s hourly rate is and ask for an estimate of the range of costs that could be associated with your matter, including 1) if you can reach agreement with your former partner and 2) if the matter proceeds to Court.   Understand that how the other party approaches resolving the dispute, can impact on your legal costs.  Most matters can be resolved without the need to go to Court and of those that do, nearly all settle before trial.  Our objective at Collaborative Legal Solutions is to do all in our power to settle your matter without the need to go to Court.


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