At Collaborative Legal Solutions we invest in long-term relationships and value your contribution.

Collaborative Legal Solutions opened its doors in 2014.  Our Principal Lawyer, Sharon Beresowskyj has worked in the legal profession since 1996 in the areas of family law, commercial and property law, leasing, wills & estates and domestic violence matters.  Sharon’s experience is wide ranging and Sharon is committed to making a positive difference to people.  Sharon is deeply passionate about the law, particularly family law in Australia and promoting the best interests of the child in matters involving children.

Sharon has the following legal qualifications:

  • Bachelor of Laws (QUT);

  • Graduate Diploma of Legal Practice (The College of Law);

  • Solicitor of the High Court of Australia;

  • Solicitor of the Supreme Court of Brisbane;

  • With training in transforming how conflict is resolved by using an interest based negotiation approach to dispute resolution known as Collaborative Practices in Queensland (which has been endorsed by the International Academy of Collaborative Professionals).

Sharon’s professional organisations include:

  • Member of the Queensland Law Society;

  • Member of the Family Law Practitioners’ Association of Queensland; and

  • Volunteer Solicitor at the Women’s Legal Service in Queensland.

Sharon, Brisbane Mobile Lawyer
Our Core Values
At Collaborative Legal Solutions:

  • We empower you to solve problems and to make good decisions;

  • We remain up-to-date with our knowledge of the law, applying and tailoring legal solutions to your situation;

  • We offer a personal relationship not just a service;

  • We don’t just sell the law but protect and advance your important interests and values;

  • We are unique and passionate about the law;

  • We value your time.  If you’re struggling with a dispute – we strive to support and protect your important relationships;

  • We are outcome focused – and will encourage you to make an informed decision about your situation.  We arecommitted to pursuing your desired outcome;

  • We are price sensitive and respect your hard earned dollar;

  • We are only in competition with ourselves – continually striving to outperform our expectations;

  • We always welcome feedback.

Collaborative Legal Solutions Team
Collaborative Legal Solutions serves you by providing confidential legal and advisory services, so you can make informed decisions.

Contact Collaborative Legal Solutions and make an appointment with our Brisbane Mobile Lawyer for a fixed-fee Initial Consultation.  Our genuine approach will assist you to resolve your concerns.

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