Brisbane based mobile legal firm, Collaborative Legal Solutions offers legal and advisory services in the following areas:-
Call Collaborative Legal Solutions to book an Initial Consultation for a fixed fee with our Mobile Brisbane Lawyer.

Receive a genuine approach to assisting you to resolve any concerns and progress your matter.

We will provide options, strategies, guide and equip you to make informed decisions and openly discuss our fees.

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At Collaborative Legal Solution, we provide legal services, and:

  • We empower you to solve problems and to make good decisions;

  • We remain up-to-date with our knowledge of the law, applying and tailoring leading legal solutions to your situation;

  • We offer a personal relationship not just a service;

  • We don’t just sell the law but protect and advance your important interests and values;

  • We are unique and passionate about the law;

  • If you’re struggling with a dispute – we strive to support and protect your important relationships;

  • We are outcome focused – committed to pursuing your desired outcome;

  • We are price sensitive and respect your hard earned dollar;

  • We are only in competition with ourselves – continually striving to outperform our expectations;

  • We always welcome feedback.


Collaborative Legal Solutions provide legal services and can help you in four (4) ways: –

  1. Book a Mobile Lawyer for a Fixed Fee Initial Consultation (for legal services deliverable by telephone, web-based or in-person).
  2. Buy SELFieDOCS® prepared by our Mobile Lawyer – example legal documents available for immediate download. 

Our example legal documents are downloadable immediately following payment.  Our rage of SELFieDOCS® is designed to be used for general information and illustrative purposes only.  Please seek custom legal advice regarding your situation, especially prior to agreeing to anything with the other party.

Contact Us for assistance with settling or preparing your legal documents and Court Forms. We work with you to meet your needs and can provide a cost estimate range, if required.   Email SUBSCRIBE” to join our mailing list to keep updated with new developments.

  1. Book a Coaching session delivered by a Mobile Lawyer for self-represented litigants (whether you are local, regional, or isolated in one of Queensland’s mining towns or Oil Rigs). We can work with you, individually or in a group;
  2. Book a Seminar presented by a Mobile Lawyer on an area of specific interest to you or your family or corporation.
HOW TO BOOK A MOBILE LAWYER for a Set Fee Initial Consultation

STEP 1: Contact Us & Book a Mobile Lawyer for a Fixed Fee Initial Consultation

STEP 2: Elect the mode of delivery of our legal services

Collaborative Legal Solutions offer three modes of the delivery of legal services:

  • By telephone;
  • Web-based; or
  • In-person.

(enjoy the convenience of being able talk to a Cyber Lawyer on your computer or mobile telephone from wherever you are.  Make use of our cutting edge Cyber Lawyer service which allows you to carry your Lawyer in your pocket!)

STEP 3 – Arrange for payment of legal services

At Collaborative Legal Solutions, we will provide payment details at the time of booking your legal services.


Contact Us and book a Fixed Fee Initial Consultation with our Brisbane Mobile Lawyer.

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