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The purpose of this “Wills Tip Sheet.1” is to provide an opportunity to prompt readers to take a moment out of their busy lives and to consider their own personal circumstances by conducting our:

5 SECONDS WILLS CHECKLIST: Wills – ‘Is Your Will Up-to-date?

FIRST:                         STOP                                                      THEN:                         Take a moment CONSIDER:                 Does your will provide for a change in circumstances?  ALSO CONSIDER:       Is your will affected by a change in circumstances? Your will may be compromised.

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Wills and a Change of Circumstances?

Circumstances that can affect wills, may include changes involving: –

Assets, marriage, divorce, spouse, children, trustees, the loss of mental capacity, executors or personal representatives (the person(s) appointed to carry out the terms of your will may not wish to act or is dead) and beneficiaries (may have died or new beneficiaries may be available).


Where your will is affected by any of the above changes, your intentions may not be carried out.  Your will may be compromised!


In addition, wills are always at risk of being contested, or by family provision applications being brought by disgruntled family member, or significant others. So, it’s important to get it right.



When appointing significant others ie Beneficiaries, Executors, etc – it is safest to appoint more than one person and to also consider their ages when doing so!  This attempts to safeguard wills to ensure that wishes are actually carried out.


At Collaborative Legal Solutions, we are serious about assisting you and have prepared a series of SELFieDOCS which are sample legal documents to be used for illustrative purposes.  Wills – A Sample Will is available for your purchase here.


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